A Mother’s worst fear

Hey Beloved My daughter Amber was born premature with serve Cerebral Palsy, MRDD, hearing impaired and seizures.  Her father left when she was one years old.  My divorce left me without a home or a job, I had to move in with my parents. Being the parent of a special needs child is something that … [Read more…]

New Challenge’s

Hey Beloved I’m sorry that I have not been online.  I am recovering from another surgery from my Breast Cancer. I have been in so much pain with this surgery, that mentally and physical I have not been myself.  As I go through this “challenge”, I am reminded that I cannot control anything in my … [Read more…]


Hey Beloved In recent weeks, I have had conversations that involve issues about abuse.  As a person that has been physical and verbal abused this really troubles my soul.  I was talking with a woman who has been telling me stories about her daughter and how her husband really has her scared just by how … [Read more…]


Hey beloved This is my anniversary.  I don’t know if I want to throw a party or what, but this is the day that last year at this time I had my double mastectomy.  Which changed my life in more ways than one. My husband Doug had just left three days before my operation . … [Read more…]