church-image.jpgHey Beloved,

My name is Carla Bailey and I am God’s Girl.  I am a physical abused survivor,  a twin sister,  a mother of five children and four grandchildren, as well as, a mother of a physically and mentally challenged daughter.  I am also an Army wife, a heart survivor and a breast cancer survivor.  I entitled my blog, “Come And Feel Safe With Me” so that you can feel comfortable talking to me about whatever is hurting in your spirit.  I know that together, we can come up with what God has in store for you in your life.  Never ask the question , “Why me?”, but instead “Why not me?”.  I feel blessed to be able to share with you how God has brought me through the challenges in my life.

To view more about my life you can click on the following topics, which will link you to articles about me.

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So sit back and feel safe in this church pew.  Let’s share time talking about you and your needs.