Breast Cancer Survivor

Hey Beloved

It’s breast cancer month, I am 3 years clear of breast cancer.  I do know that 5 years is the time when I can feel safe. But I feel safe in the knowledge that God knows the time and the date for my healing. I was 53 years old when my doctor told me that I had breast cancer and I needed a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation along with being stage 3. During that time my husband who was a Colonel in the Army was scheduled to deploy to Kuwait, he left three days before my surgery. I was blessed to have my family and church family help me to get through the physical, spiritual and emotional challenge of my treatments. After my double mastectomy and reconstruction, the next  surgery was getting  my port put in for my chemo treatments. After my first chemo treatment my hair started to come out.  It’s hard to imagine how that feels unless you go through it, you understand that this is the process you have to take to save your life, but it’s still very painful.  The treatments made me really sick and I was in pain with a lot of fatigue, the radiation treatments burned my skin. And then the side effects, because I had 17 lymph nodes removed I have lymphedema in my right arm, I also have neuropathy in my hands and feet. I feel that all cancer patients have a story to tell and it’s important that they talk about how they feel.  My advice for anyone going through medical challenges in life is getting help from family and friends, it can help you in more ways than you know. Knowing that you have a heavenly Father who loves you so much that He gave His only son to suffer and die for your sins should give you comfort.  Life has a lot of different paths that we must go through, sadly some may be our worst nightmare, that’s when you need to draw on your faith. Keeping your faith and just taking one day at a time can help you focus more on your recovery.  Believe that God has a plan for your life, you may just be taking a detour for now, but you will get back on path.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul, and He will direct your path.


Your sister in Christ



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