Leaving Home

Hey Beloved As I write to you my heart is heavy.  My son Jesse has left home to go to college, he is the last of our children to leave home. Jesse is a very special young man with good solid values and a caring heart. I will miss him in ways that I can … [Read more…]

Step out on Faith

Hey Beloved I know it’s been awhile since I wrote, but I have had a lot of challenges in my life.  The first is taking my godmother out of her nursing home and have her live at my home.  My husband Doug had been praying about her and God led him to make the decision … [Read more…]

The eye of the storm

Hey beloved I have been missing in action on my blog. I have just sent my final draft of my manuscript out to my publisher. Please keep me in prayer that by the end of the year my book will be out, I’ll keep you posted. My topic today is about going through a storm, and how you … [Read more…]

Have A Blessed New Year

Hey Beloved 2016 can be your best year ever, if you trust and believe that God can bless you with your hearts desires, by reading and studying God’s word.  Make time to think , grow spirtually and deepen your most important relationships with family and friends. Find your spiritual purpose in life, do what really … [Read more…]